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  • SD-695C0
  • SD-1310CO

We propose our steam-driven air compressor SD-695CO/SD-1310CO

By driving a compressor using dilatational energy of steam, the power used for the existing electric compressor is expected to be saved. Moreover, the mechanism to recover heat of compression enables to use the heat for preheating boiler feed water, improving system energy efficiency.


1. Since air is made from steam energy, driving power is unnecessary!
It takes in the steam for decompression, turns the air compressor with its steam expansion energy, and generates compressed air.
This will greatly contribute to reduction of electricity bill and peak cut of electric load! Exhaust steam can be used as usual in the factory process after decompression.

2. Recovery and use of compression heat, system energy efficiency will improve!
Compressive heat generated during air compression can be efficiently recovered by Miura's proprietary compression heat recovery unit and used for boiler feed water preheating, etc. so that it can realize large running cost reduction and CO2 reduction in cooperation with steam boiler system .
Resistant to partial load, it corresponds to sudden load fluctuation!

3. It is strong against partial load, and it responds to sudden load fluctuation!

The steam volume control valve automatically adjusts the amount of steam to pass when compressed air usage load is small.