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  • EH-500F
  • EH-750F
  • EH-1000F
Simple, High Performance Options That Take Full Advantage of Boiler Power

Miura is recognized as the world’s most reliable and respected brand of once-through boilers. Commanding the top share of the market for compact once-through boilers, we are proud of our boilers which demonstrate our commitment to quality and technical prowess, and we delivering outstanding performance in a wide variety of industries. Even during emergencies such as earthquake disaster, driving can be done by switching fuel. For customer who need constant steam supply such as hospitals and research facilities. Currently the is no gas piping, but as a boiler for MI in the area to be laid in the future

High Efficiency and Improved Safety
  • Omega (ω) Flows Construction
The boilers using ω (omega) flows construction which consist of vertically-mounted water tubes sandwiches at the top and bottom between two annular headers. The effective heat transfer surface area is large due to the bigger combustion chamber and heat absorption from contact heat transfer is increase due to a faster combustion gas flow.

  • New Structural Design
The newly-designed boiler construction and combustion gas flow help gain maximum heat transfer performance from a limited heat transfer area which less than 10m2. effective usage is made by the entire heat transfer area, the result is 85% boiler efficiency. Further, space saving is obtained by the compact design.
(Compared to previous version)

Higher Fuel Economy and Longer Service Life
  • Surface Blowdown

One drawback that small once-through boilers are considered that the tendency for water to become concentrated more quickly compared to fire tube and water tube boilers because of their low water content. Accordingly, blowdown of concentrated water helps keep water concentration below a certain level and prevents alkaline corrosion of the water tube (1000F).

  • Low-Noise Burner
Substantially improved burner combustion performance. Quite operation and blower noise. The surrounding environment is not affected, allowing operation at all hours of the day or night.

  • Superior New Design for Ease of Use
Easy operation, inspection and maintenance due to a simple structural design.