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  • SI-2000GVS
Simple, High Performance Options That Take Full Advantage of Boiler Power

Miura is recognized as the world’s most reliable and respected brand of once-through boilers. Commanding the top share of the market for compact once-through boilers, we are proud of our boilers which demonstrate our commitment to quality and technical prowess, and we delivering outstanding performance in a wide variety of industries. Even during emergencies such as earthquake disaster, driving can be done by switching fuel. For customer who need constant steam supply such as hospitals and research facilities. Environmentally friendly, with high boiler efficiency and low running cost, the Miura SI Series is winning the satisfaction of international customer.

High Efficiency up to 98%

Easy Status Checking and Operation

The operating conditions of the boiler are clearly displayed using visibly recognizable colors and messages. You can safely and easily control automatic water and steam supply with the press of a switch.

  • Alarm Function An alarm function helps to avoid unintended boiler stoppages. It is particularly useful from the perspective of preventive maintenance.

alarm function

  • The Panel Interface Supports Multiple The control panel language  can be switched between English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese.
  • Heat Control Function Operational data including the volume of steam and blowdown are displayed on the panel, which ensures the ability to maintain safe and stable operating conditions.

New Functions for Greater Safety Ever

  • Flame Sensor with Self-Analysis Function The flame sensor itself is equipped with a function that can detect any malfunction.
  • High Performance Steam Pressure Switch A fail-safe steam pressure switch is used based on the physical phenomenon whereby a magnet loses its magnetic force when heated.

Online Maintenance

The boiler automatically alerts the maintenance center if I detecs as a fault.

Space Saving

Space-saving through close placement

  • Significant space-savings
  • High-efficiency operation with multiple boilers
  • Reduces risk of breakdowns