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Selamat Datang di Miura Boiler

Miura bertujuan untuk menjadi mitra terbaik untuk energi, air dan lingkungan dengan Technoservice.

Dengan tujuan ini, kami telah melakukan usaha-usaha kami dalam evolusi dan pengembangan selama hampir 50 tahun sebagai technoservice yang terbukti sanggup menanggapi kebutuhan pelanggan dengan menciptakan teknologi terbaik.

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A New Innovation of High-Pressure Boiler

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Miura Seminar

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Message : President & CEO MIURA CO.,LTD.

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We've just started the factory, so there are a lot of things we don't know.But I think there's a good response from the Japanese support staff.We have a warranty, but it has been working well even with our current challenges.Also, with some changes and improvements, it's cooperating together with us.MIURA INDONESIA is located close by, so we want to continue working together as best partners.

They're highly efficient, allowing fuel savings, and they provide meticulous maintenance services. When a problem occurs with a boiler, Miura responds quickly to carry out maintenance work.Miura is our best partner.

They're meticulous in the support they provide, so we'll continue using their products.

We use Miura Boilers in Japan, too.
They're reliable with a good track record.
The most important thing in boiler is stability.
Miura Boilers are reliable, and I'm happy with their maintenance too.
If we ever establish other subsidiaries around the world and not just in Indonesia,
I think Miura will be first on the list of boiler.