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  • EW-30GW
  • EW-40GW
  • EW-50GW
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Once Through Hotwater Boiler Efficiency up to 88%

In addition to Steam Boiler, Miura also provides Hot Water Boilers commonly used for industries that only require hot water only for the production process does not need in the form of steam. Therefore Miura presents a boiler type that is Hot Water Boiler available starting capacity of 349 kW or equivalent to 300,000 kcal / h 930 kW or equivalent to 800,000 kcal / h.

Heat-efficient water tube construction for outstanding energy savings.

  • Can be used for heating with a hydraulic head pressure up to 0.98 Mpa (100mAq)
  • Very safe multi-tubular once-through hot water boiler
  • Heating only : dual heating and hot water systems available

Hot Water Boiler comes in 2 Series EW H Series and EW W Series.

  • W Series using Heat Exchanger with material SUS 304
  • H Series not use Heat Exchanger