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Exhaust gas steam boiler

(Equivalent evaporation amount: 250 to 4,000 kg/h)

An exhaust gas steam boiler dedicated to gas engines.

1. Compact design
Miura's unique fin tube enables high heat recovery rate and the auxiliary unit base is provided on the front of the boiler unit for compactness.

2. Equipped with economizer as standard
Integral design that puts economizer (feedwater heater) in boiler.
This makes it unnecessary to test with the economizer alone.

3. Always monitor exhaust gas temperature
The exhaust gas inlet / outlet temperature is displayed on the panel, and it is possible to grasp the state of heat recovery at all times. Also, if there is an abnormality in exhaust gas outlet temperature or steam pressure, it immediately detects and issues an alarm.

4.Microcomputer control mounted
We can realize safe and accurate operation control, and it is useful for prevention such as trend management and unexpected boiler stop.