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  • MRO-1000
  • MRO-2000
  • MRO-3000
  • MRO-4000
Small MRO 200 – 800 L/hr
Medium MRO 1000 – 4000 L/hr
Large MRO 10 – 30 m3/hr

Removal capability of membrane systems

Low Pressure System
MRO (Miura Reverse Osmosis) have low pressure system in permeable membrane. So, if comparison with conventional, MRO will save energy until 50% with same capacity.

Space Saving and Easy to Operate
MRO (Miura Reverse Osmosis) is more compact with small size and can use in small room if customer not have bigger space in utility room.

Water saving and Micro-computer
MRO (Miura Reverse Osmosis) have 50-80% recovery rate depend on capacity of RO, then MRO have display for know how process purification happened.