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  • EI-1500FH
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Stable High-Quality Steam Supply, High Boiler Efficiency Allows Reduction in Running Cost
Miura is recognized as the world’s most reliable and respected brand of once-through boilers. Commanding the top share of the market for compact once-through boiler in Japan, our excellence in quality and technical prowess allow us to deliver outstanding performance in a wide variety of industries. We know that the EI series will fully satisfy our overseas customers in term of environmental friendliness, running cost, and steam quality.

Provide Stable and High-Quality Steam

Miura developed a new feed water control method called the twin water level control method. This method is for keeping the best ebullition condition and the equalizing head effect in the water tubes by changing the water level automatically as the combustion load changes.

Space Saving

Being once-through boilers, the Miura EI Series are more compact than former series. For example, Miura EI-1000 is 22% smaller than the former boiler which has the same equivalent output, and its required floor area is only 2.5 m2. this compactness enables the user to make full use of limited space and renders the boiler room spacious.

Omega (ω) Flow Structure that Enhances Boiler Efficiency

EI Miura EI 1500-2000 Series are composed of upper and lower headers and a group of vertically mounted water tubs which is wedged at both ends. This computer designed boiler result in a more spacious heat transfer area and heat absorption through the contract-heat transfer area is greatly enhanced. The combustion gas, flows into the chamber then spread out the left and right side of the chamber where water tubes arranged uniformly. Then it is pushe out through the chimney. This kind of structure that achieves such high boiler efficiency.

Capable of Producing Steam in as Quickly as 4-5 Minutes After Ignition.

It takes only 4 to 5 minutes after ignition to start producing steam at a predetermined pressure, which allows quickly get to work on operation.

Quiet Operation

The operating noise will not disturb the operator or any person working nearby in the morning or late at night.