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  • EX-500GH
  • EX-500GS
  • EX-750GH
  • EX-750GS

The EX models are fully equipped with all of the functions demanded by a Boiler

The EX Series of gas fired steam boilers is the culmination of considerable research using the expertise and maintenance data that Miura has accumulated over many years.

Establishes new standars of style, safety and durability.

Reliable Control for Safe Operation

  • Water Tube Temperature Sensor Constant sensor monitoring of water tube temperature. If a water tube exceeds the prescribed temperature, combustion will be stops automatically.
  • Blowdown Alarm Timer Blowdown alarm timer for conducting boiler water blowdown at appropriate times. Notification of blowdown time based on boiler combustion time (high fire conversion time).
  • Concentration (Conductivity) Sensor Constant sensor monitoring of boiler water concentration. Supplies high-quality steam as water concentration is kept constantly through automatic discharge of water from the bottom of separator if the set concentration is exceeded.

Significant Improvements in Durability and Productivity

  • Twin Water Level Control Utilizes twin water level control to prevent thermal stress and alkaline corrosion at the top of the water tubes. As well as typical water level control, it directly detected the water level inside the tubes with a compensating electrode and undertakes compensation control of the water level at start up and at low operating loads.
  • Header Separator and Cyclone Separator Primary steam separation with Miura’s proprietary separator inside the header. Secondary separation od steam with the cyclone separator provides high quality steam. Carry over due to sudden load variations can be firmly controlled with the two separators.