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Protecting the environment with Miura's tried and tested technology.

Miura has developed proprietary boiler technologies over many years of research and development, manufacturing the products that customer want, while helping to achieve a safer, more livable environment.

Miura will continue to apply its tried and tested technologies to the development of higly efficient products which reduces CO2 emissions, prevent atmospheric pollution, and save energy.

  • High temperature obtained safely at normal pressure

Attaining temperatures of 200oc and 300oc using water requires pressure of approximately 15 kg/cm2

and as much as 90kg/cm, respectively. This necessitates high pressure facilities with the associated

safety equipment and throught water treatment. However, a thermal fluid heater taht uses Thermal fluid

oil can attain a stable high temperature of 300oc at normal pressure.

  • Use of Thermal fluid oil eliminates pipe corrosion worries
With steam systems, for example, consideration must be given to matters such as corrosion,

scaling, pipe instalation, and water management. Heat-medium oil, on the other hand, enables

an extremely long service life for the system, with stable operation throughout.

  • Reduced running cost due to extremely low heat loss
In a steam system, for example, significant heat loss occurs due to the blowing

of tank water and drain water. Howefer, in a Thermal fluid system, oil is simply made to

circulate in a sealed circuit, with no need for water treatment equipment or chemicals.

This greatly reduces heat loss and consequenly running cost.

  • Stable supply of thermal fluid at varying temperatures for deserve applications
In conjuction with peripheral equipment such as temperature regulation valves and zone

pumps, it is pssible for a single boiler to provide a stable supply of thermal fluid

at a wide range of temperatures to multiple loads. This efficient system can be used for both

heating and cooling.