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Boiler Efficiency 90%, The SU Series Successfully Meet Diverse Needs

Miura is recognized as the world’s most reliable and respected brand of once-through boilers. Commanding the top share of the market for compact once-through boilers in Japan, our excellence in quality and technical prowess allow us to deliver outstanding performance in a wide variety of industries. We know that the SU Series will fully satisfy our overseas customers in terms of environmental friendliness, running cost and steam quality
High Boiler Efficiency Allows Reductions in Running Costs
The efficiency of boiler in this class typically tops out at 87% or 88%. The new SU Series, in contrast, successfully boost efficiency to 90%. Blowdown heat exchanger (option) can reduce more costs.

Efisiensi boiler 88% 90% (Based on a standard of 4% oxygen)

Respecting the Global Environment and The Working Environment
Lower Soot and Dust ( “Smokiness” of 1 or less) • Lower Nox (80ppm or less using kerosene)

The SU Series is designed to minimize the output of soot from combustion as far as possible. This makes it possible to maintain a clean environment. In addition, the low-soot design helps prevent efficiency from being reduced by soot buildup, thereby contributing to reduced fuel costs.

Quite Operation
The operating noise will not disturb the operator or any person working nearby early in the morning or late at night.

Stable High-Quality Steam Supply
The SU Series is equipped with a purge cancel control system that provides excellent load tracking and highly efficient operation. This ensures a constant and stable supply of steam for improved production efficiency.

Equipped with a Multitude of Safety Functions
Microprocessor-controlled fail safe mechanisms and auto-reset functions on magnetic contractors eliminate the possibility of electrical shock. Additional safety features include redundant solenoid fuel valves, redundant check valves and a flue gas thermostat.

Easy Operation

The clearly legible and easy-to-use front panel is designed with the operator in mind.